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Since 1987, Dr. James Vito has been restoring smiles in the Philadelphia and Main Line region. Dr. Vito is one of the few multi-dental specialists in the world with specialty training and certification in three dental disciplines: Prosthodontics, Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. He has received extensive training in both the restorative and surgical aspect of dental implants and bone grafting and has earned two fellowships and two Board Certifications in Dental Implants. He is one of the few Dual Board Certified Dental Implant Specialist in Pennsylvania and the world.

It’s important to seek the most qualified Prosthodontist and Dental Implants Specialist. Dr. Vito’s depth of knowledge and artistic vision complement his ability to consistently provide his patients with the healthy, functional and aesthetically pleasing smile that they desire. For over two decades he has been serving patients to address their dental concerns and provide the best dental solutions for their individual desires and needs.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium substitutes for the missing natural roots of your teeth.

Missing teeth, whether single or multiple, can not only destroy the aesthetics of your smile, but may also cause drifting, twisting and eruption of the teeth. This will cause a disruption of how the teeth come together, which results in difficulty in eating and speaking as well as increasing your chances of possibly developing periodontal disease and TMJ (Tempro Mandibular Joint) symptoms.

Dental implants are utilized in situations where there is not enough remaining natural teeth to support a fixed bridge restoration or in a situation where the remaining natural teeth are compromised either through decay or periodontal disease.

Dental Implant Procedure

After your dental implant procedure, there is a healing period of four to six months to allow for the fusion of the implant to the bone. Orthopedic surgeons do a similar procedure but on a much larger scale when they replace hips, knees or other joints with titanium joints. Following this healing period, Dr. Vito is then able to restore dental implants as he would a natural tooth with either single crowns or with dental bridgework.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are an option for patients looking to replace lost teeth but who don’t want to undergo invasive surgery required for regular implants.

Mini dental implants are simple, gentle and used for placement within narrow spaces. They may be used for small teeth and incisors for the best results. Additionally, mini dental implants may be best for patients who require stabilization of lower jaw dentures, pre-molar teeth or a missing tooth that was located in a narrow area.

Mini dental implants are approximately half the width of traditional implants and are not fully submerged. If implant failure occurs, the small size of the area means grafting is not necessary.

Other benefits of mini dental implants include:

  • Simple, gentle, non-surgical procedure
  • Less pain
  • Immediate results
  • Snap-in upper and lower dentures
  • Anchors for dentures, crowns, and bridges
  • Preserves bone

The procedure for mini implants is a much less invasive procedure than conventional dental implants. For this reason, the procedure can typically be completed in one, easy visit to your dentist’s office.

Dental Bridge vs Implant

A bridge uses one or more surrounding teeth as a support on which to attach a bridge that can fill the missing tooth space but instead of teeth the bridge is now supported by tooth substitutes or dental implants

What is a Dental Bone Graft?

In a bone graft procedure, the surgeon will take a section of bone from another area of your body jaw, hip or rib, or use a special bone grafting material substitute and graft in onto your jaw bone to repair the defect.

Sinus Floor Elevation

A sinus lift is surgery that is recommended when you do not have enough height of bone in the posterior section of your upper jaw. Sinus grafting or Augmentation utilizes a unused space in your posterior sinus cavity in the area of your premolars and molars where the sinus membrane in the sinus cavity is elevated and bone is placed in the space created from lifting the membrane. This is then allowed to heal for 6 months. After the healing period dental implants can then be successfully placed to replace missing posterior teeth.

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Dental implants are an ideal aesthetic and practical solution for a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Contact Dr. Vito’s Dental Implant/Implant Dentistry practice in the Philadelphia, PA area on the Main Line for more information on how dental implants can work to restore your smile (610) 971-2590.

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